Why You Should Work with a  Luxury Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Work with a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Searching for or selling your luxury real estate can be complicated because transactions for exclusive properties sometimes don’t use the platforms or processes for standard home sales. Working with professionals who are well-versed in the luxury market can expedite a home transaction in areas like Isle of Palms.

Isle of Palms is known for its six miles of beach, turtle nests and hatchings, and luxury amenities like golf clubs, courses, resorts, and more. Currently, the market gives buyers a slight advantage, as median list prices and inventory levels remain stagnant. List prices for Isle of Palms real estate typically reach the low-to-mid seven figures. With this in mind, read on to learn why you should partner with a professional.

Proper experience

The Isle of Palms Realtor you choose to help with your home transaction should have a history of luxury experience that shows their success with clients and property types that are similar to yours. You can find such evidence from the agent’s closed transactions and current listings. Additionally, an agent knows the surrounding area and how buyers and sellers can profit. They’ll inform you about different properties on or off the market and what buyers and sellers are most interested in.

A luxury agent can lead buyers to neighborhoods with the best Isle of Palms homes for sale. They’ll know about the particularities of Wild Dunes Resort, how to acquire a teardown property and connect you with a builder and architect without waiting 6 months, will know the best property management companies, and so much more.  For sellers, an agent will consider the prices of luxury properties in the area and the value of amenities like the gorgeous beaches and the Isle of Palms Marina.

Knowledgeable about the market

A luxury Realtor also deeply understands market trends in the area. They’ll have information such as the amount of inventory available, the price range of area homes, the average number of days a home spends on the market, and more. They will also understand the current market’s trends and forecasts and can use this information to help you make intelligent decisions.

In Isle of Palms, a luxury agent will be up to date with the latest market data. For example, they’ll know whether the average days on the market have increased from the same time last year. They’ll also be knowledgeable about multiple property types. For example, townhouses and condo-attached properties have experienced a decrease in new listings and an increase in average sales prices over the past year.

A vast extended network

An Isle of Palms Realtor specializing in luxury real estate also has several connections to help their clients. They’ll have an established network with agents and professionals in the area, which they’ll leverage to generate leads on interested buyers (for sellers), and more listing leads (for buyers). This helps sellers get their luxury properties off the market as soon as possible while helping buyers find exclusive properties, some of which may not even be listed yet.

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An agent also has connections to help their clients with the particulars of the process. For sellers, an agent will have connections to professional photographers and home stagers to market the property, home contractors for any necessary repairs or upgrades, and home inspectors or appraisers for the closing process. For buyers, an agent can provide support like a home inspector, references to lenders, and frequent information about new listings in the area.

Accommodate the client

Luxury agents on The Coast Team prioritize their clients in every transaction. They’re always available to answer client questions, keep clients updated on new developments, and ensure clients remain on track with necessary paperwork. The Coast Team agents listen to your needs and goals, then work towards them in home searches and negotiations. A conscientious agent will learn your preferred mode of communication, whether it’s text, email, or phone calls, and use that method.

Besides being accommodating, they have experience navigating the common obstacles in luxury home buying and purchasing.

Great marketing skills

A luxury agent has excellent marketing skills, which they use to market Isle of Palms homes for sale. They’ll know high-end marketing techniques related to photography and videos and will employ those methods to capture your property in its best light. An agent will recommend the best professionals to stage and photograph your home to optimize its online presence.

Digital tactics should be accompanied by the agent’s strong personal brand, which should be easy to find online. Alongside digital marketing, they’ll know how to organize and prepare for in-person marketing tactics like open houses. Invite-only open houses are also typical for sellers interested in keeping a property off the public market.

When you’re ready to start searching for a home or want to list your Isle of Palms home, contact trusted local agent Oliver Caminos to guide you through the process.

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