Charleston, SC, Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, & Forecast 2024

Charleston, SC, Real Estate Market Prices, Trends, & Forecast 2024

Charleston, South Carolina, is a city steeped in rich history, stunning architecture, a vibrant art and music scene, and beautiful outdoor preserves. Charleston is known for its South Carolina charm, with quaint and cozy restaurants serving sweet tea, fried chicken, and other Southern favorites. Stroll along the historic waterways and appreciate the warm, humid evenings before settling in to dine on the catch of the day. At night, jazz bands light up the evening at creative cocktail bars downtown.

If you’re hoping to enter the Charleston real estate market, you are most likely curious about the forecast for the remainder of the year. Read on for an expert guide to these trends and what to expect as we look ahead to the rest of 2024.

Market Overview: A Surge in Activity

The Charleston real estate market has experienced a notable uptick in activity. According to the latest market report from the CHS Regional MLS, closed sales for single-family homes in Charleston County have climbed by 5.7%, while new listings have increased by 6.4%. This resurgence underscores a growing confidence in the market, driven by both local and external factors. The city’s ongoing economic development, coupled with its enduring appeal to tourists and new residents, has fueled this momentum in the housing sector.

Single-Family Homes: Prices and Pace

A standout trend in Charleston County is the significant 9.9% increase in the median sales price for single-family homes, now standing at $610,000. This jump reflects the area's desirability and the premium buyers are willing to pay for the unique Charleston lifestyle.

Concurrently, the days spent on the market for single-family properties have dropped from 46 days in 2023 to 37 days in February 2024, signaling a faster pace of sales and a more competitive market environment. Inventory levels have also seen a modest rise of 5.8%, suggesting that sellers are feeling more confident listing their properties.

Townhomes and Condos: A Thriving Segment

The townhome and condo market in Charleston real estate also presents an intriguing picture. Closed sales have seen a healthy increase of 6.4%, while new listings have skyrocketed by an astonishing 75% over the past year. This explosive growth in new listings indicates a significant release of pent-up supply, meeting the rising demand for more versatile housing options.

The median sales price for condos currently stands at $400,000, which is up by 6.7% since 2023, reflecting the steady appreciation in value for these properties. Furthermore, the days on the market for condos have decreased by 11.6%, underscoring a quickening sales cycle. The inventory for condos and townhomes has dramatically risen by 64.5%, providing a much-needed expansion in choices for buyers.

Analyzing the Trends: What Drives Charleston’s Market?

Several factors contribute to the current dynamics in the Charleston real estate market.

  • Economic Growth: Charleston’s robust economy, fueled by industries like tech, aerospace, and tourism, continues to attract a skilled workforce and contributes to housing demand.

  • Lifestyle Appeal: The allure of Charleston, from its historic charm and welcoming community atmosphere to its coastal living, continues to draw in buyers from across the country.

  • Market Confidence: The rise in closed sales and new listings indicates a strong confidence among sellers and buyers, buoyed by a stable economic outlook.

  • Housing Diversity: The significant increase in listings for townhomes and condos suggests a market adapting to a broader range of preferences and budgets.

Forecast for 2024 and Beyond

Looking ahead, the Charleston real estate market is poised for continued growth. The surge in inventory, especially in the townhome and condo segment, gives buyers more options. In addition, Charleston's enduring appeal and ongoing economic development suggest that demand for real estate will remain robust.

For buyers, the expanding inventory presents an opportunity to find homes that more closely fit their needs, lifestyles, and budgets. Sellers, particularly in the single-family home segment, can expect continued strong interest in their properties, though the faster pace of sales demands readiness and flexibility.

Investors should keep a keen eye on the condo and townhome market, where the dramatic increase in inventory and steady price appreciation signals a burgeoning segment for investment.

Navigating the Charleston Market

For those looking to navigate the Charleston real estate market, whether buying, selling, or investing, staying informed and agile is key. Buyers should be prepared to act quickly in this competitive environment, while sellers must price their properties strategically to capitalize on the strong market demand. Working with experienced real estate professionals who understand the nuances of the Charleston market will be crucial in achieving successful outcomes.

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