The 4 Levels of New - Construction Homes

The 4 Levels of New - Construction Homes

What the four different levels of new-construction homes offer.

If you’ve seen my past blog posts, you know I'm a big proponent of new construction. It allows you to get what you want, keeps your property energy efficient, and newly built houses cost less to maintain and insure. However, there are a few different levels of new construction you might not know about.
The first level of new-construction homes is tract home communities. These are the large communities where developers build the same model home hundreds of times. They usually have very competitive pricing because the homes are built at scale. However, the finishings tend to be average at best, and we strongly advise our clients to get an inspection. We recommend this for all new construction, but it is essential with tract home communities.
The next level above is a semi-custom home. At first glance, these may seem like higher-end tract communities. Usually, the builder makes a few different types of homes and allows you many more finishes, options, and floor plan adjustments. The craftsmanship will be better, but the price will also be significantly higher while remaining competitive.
"You can walk into a custom home and just get blown away."
The final option is custom homes, and these are what I’m most known for on the Isle of Palms. My team and I will often work with out-of-town buyers, find a lot or a tear-down, and put them in touch with the builder so we can craft a plan to give them a high-quality home that suits what they want. Lots of builders also use us to find these lots for them.
Spec homes are a bit different. In these cases, the builders will buy the house and offer you the finished product. As construction progresses, you have fewer options, but the result is usually a high-end product.
Custom homes, the ones we develop, are incredibly high end. They have inspiring kitchens, wide-plank flooring, boutique lighting, and more. They’re the kind of homes you walk into and are blown away. It’s easy to tell why I love them it’s so satisfying to see the projects come together.
Whatever level of new construction resonates with you, understand that we’re your advocates, and we know the market. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. We’d love to help.

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